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GNM Nursing Admission

July 09, 2022 0 people Latest news

Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) is a three-year programme aimed to prepare students to work effectively as members of the health team. This job-oriented programme comprises subjects like Nursing Fundamentals Anatomy & Physiology Psychology Biology Sociology and First Aid.
The programme trains students to closely assess the nursing need of the patients monitor the condition of patients provide effective nursing care and assist the doctors in surgical procedures. The students learn to set up medical equipment in operation theatres and adeptly handle patients during emergency situations. The aspirants are additionally trained to be job-ready by imbibing computer and interpersonal skills which help them in advancing their role. After successful completion of the programme, the students are enrolled for an internship that enables them to directly gain hands-on experience in esteemed organisations. Through a culture of patient-first, the students are encouraged to possess unique qualities of character and spirit.

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